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WoodUbend TR731.1 Petit Braid Trim Pack of Two

WoodUbend TR731.1 Petit Braid Trim Pack of Two

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WoodUbend mouldings can be applied to just about any surface, using a hair dryer or heat gun warm up the moulding which then becomes flexible and bendable in any direction, apply a good quality wood glue and adhere it to the surface. Can be cut with a pair of scissors or a utility knife. Once dry they can be drilled, sanded, stained, painted, varnished just like wood.
Moulding are very fragile until heated. If breakages or in handling or shipping, simply apply wood glue to each end of break and reattach.

To apply

Heat the moulding with a hair dryer or heat gun. Depending on size and thickness it can take from a few seconds to nearly a minute to become pliable. 

Apply glue using a small-tipped brush, not to much as to create a over spill, but not to little that it won’t total adhere. 

Press the moulding firmly down onto the surface where you want it.  You may need to reheat the moulding if it has cooled. 
Hold the moulding in place by the contours until it has cooled which usually is as long as it took to heat up.

Any excess glue that has squeezed out the gaps, wipe away with kitchen roll or cotton buds anything really. 

 Please note you can even paint them first before glueing them to the surface. 

Dimensions  are 100 x 1 cm



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