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WoodUbend Decorative Mouldings

WoodUbend decorative mouldings are  quick, simple decorations for furniture, glassware, ceramics, you name it WoodUbend mouldings, appliques can adhere to it with wood glue. The mouldings are made from sawdust and resin, they are porous and behave like wood, this is why the  mouldings can be drilled, glued, sanded, painted, stained, varnished and distressed. The mouldings unique feature is when heat is applied  they soften and become  pliable  so you adhere them to different shaped objects such as vases, plant pots, mirrors, great for crafting, upcycling. There is also a WoodUbend,  facebook page for tutorials on how to apply the mouldings and to give you some inspiration.