Caring For Your Painted Furniture

You have got your newly painted furniture home so how should you care and clean painted furniture. Some helpful tips and do's and don'ts.

Newly painted furniture will take around 28 days to properly cure. During this time please handle your item with care. To keep your furniture looking beautiful for many years please look after it with respect.

Keep your painted  furniture away from extreme temperatures, air conditioning or excessive moisture or dryness.

Certain liquids will stain and the mark may be permanent.

To clean you piece of furniture, please use a slightly damp soft cloth with a little mild soap and dry immediately afterwards, any water left sat on the finish could result in damage to the paint.

Do not use any liquid furniture polishes, sprays or chemicals, as they may damage the paint.

It is advisable  to use coasters to avoid ring marks. However it is NOT recommended to use silicon coasters as they can stick to the surface and damage the paint, [they cannot be removed without repainting or rewaxing]

Please take care with sharp objects.