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Two Fussy Blokes Smooth 4” 10 Pk Rollers

Two Fussy Blokes Smooth 4” 10 Pk Rollers

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Two Fussy Blokes Smooth 4" Microfibre roller sleeves in a pack of 10. These rollers achieve an ultra smooth finish without the need for spraying. The short 5mm (1/4") nap makes them ideal for painting kitchen cupboards and furniture, resulting in a spray like finish. They have been designed to avoid splatter, making the job cleaner, easier and hassle free. These rollers have gained a reputation in the decorating community for their superior, spray-like finish particularly when painting kitchen units and upcycling furniture.
• Short pile - 1/4" nap - giving a fine, spray like finish
• Core: 3/4” (6mm)
• Ideal for smooth surfaces such as kitchen cabinets, doors, trims, furniture
• For use with water based paints
• Perfect to use with Two Fussy Blokes 4" mini roller frame
• Recommended Use • Kitchen Cabinets, Doors, Trims, Furniture

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