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Stag Minstrel Green 5 Drawer Dressing Table/Desk

Stag Minstrel Green 5 Drawer Dressing Table/Desk

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Stag Minstrel Green Dressing Table/Desk, Vintage MCM 5 Drawer Vanity Table

Stag furniture is one of the most popular British furniture brands.

Established in the 1950s and was loved by many over the last 70 years, with a loyal following for their contemporary lines and clean modern look which has never gone out of style.

This is the 5 drawer dressing table or desk, 2 drawers sitting either side of the knee hole and a longer drawer in the centre above the knee hole all giving ample storage space.

Hand painted in this beautiful vibrant bespoke green. A gold transfer added to the drawer fronts, and to the side panels. Several coats of satin varnish was added to seal and protect the finish. The original handles have been cleaned. 

The interior wood has been oiled and the drawers have been varnished 

Dimensions in cm
Height 72
Depth 46
Width 152

Height 55
Depth 46
Width  58

Please note - some these dressing table tops do dip slightly in the centre (if you check out with a spirit level by a few millimetres as this one does) whether it’s from usage or the drawers been screwed  to the top we don’t know, but I have been told by a previous buyer this should be made aware of in my discription. 

Please also check photos carefully as this paint colour is not a solid shade it as it was a colour blend once varnish was applied it shows different colour shades which to me gives it character and depth. 

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