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Posh Pigments

Posh Pigments

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Posh Chalk Metallic Pigment. Fine metallic powder pigments suitable for Crafts, Epoxy resin, Acrylic pours and so much more. Add a small amount to your favourite top coat for a molten liquid metallic paint!

This product can also be added to wax and Topcoats. The perfect pigments for creating metallic paint for furniture or interiors. 

Try the new Posh Chalk Infusor! The perfect base for creating liquid metallics


Each pot contains 30g of Posh Chalk Pigments and comes in 5 magical metallic shades 

  • Lemon Gold
  • Byzantine Gold
  • Pale Gold
  • Copper
  • Silver

New gorgeous shades!

  • Red Magenta
  • Red Carmine
  • Orange Gold
  • Green Fthalo
  • Violet
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