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Annie Sloan

Image Medium Transfer & Decoupage Annie Sloan

Image Medium Transfer & Decoupage Annie Sloan

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Annie Sloan’s Image Medium is water-based, fast drying, and builds up layers very quickly. Use it as an adhesive for decoupage or to transfer a printed or photocopied image directly onto a surface. Easy to apply, this glue and varnish gives a beautifully smooth, matt finish.

Annie Sloan Image Medium can be used for transferring any image onto furniture, walls  and even fabric! Image transfer refers to the process of transferring a printed image onto any surface. Despite appearances, this technique is incredibly simple to learn. You certainly don’t need to be an expert to achieve stunning results. Whether your an experienced furniture upcycler or a novice, the truth is you just need access to a printer to create this look!

Size.| 125ml 

How To Use Annie Sloan Image Medium - Transfer Images

For best results, use laser printed images or photocopies.

  • Apply Image Medium to the front of your cut-out image and the surface to which you will be applying the image.
  • Place image carefully face down onto your chosen surface and smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Allow to dry completely.
  • Using a wet finger or sponge, rub away the backing paper to reveal the image.
  • Once dry, apply Chalk Paint™ Wax or Lacquer to finish

How To Use Annie Sloan Image Medium - Decoupage

  • Apply Annie Sloan Image Medium over a dry surface with a small flat brush.
  • Stick your cut-out paper onto the glue, image face up.
  • Push out any air bubbles gently so not to tear the image with either a soft brush or sponge
  • After allowing at least 30 minutes for the Image Medium to dry, apply a second coat over the top of the decoupage paper to seal.
  • Once dry, either apply a coat of Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax or Lacquer to finish.
  • On high traffic areas, use two coats of Chalk Paint™ Lacquer for maximum protection.

Wash brushes in water immediately after use. 

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