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Posh Chalk Stencil Posh Harlequin 21x30cm PCS005

Posh Chalk Stencil Posh Harlequin 21x30cm PCS005

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Harlequin - stencil 

This Harlequin stencil is a repeating pattern of contrasting diamonds or elongated squares standing on end.

size: 21cm X 30cm

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Best Practice For Successful Stencilling


As always with stencilling, whatever your tool, the golden rule is not to overload the brush or roller. Dab off the excess, don't rush, build up the layers if you want fuller coverage rather than apply a thick coat. This will prevent paint from “splodging” out of the edges and compromising your design. It’ll also keep the rest of the stencil cleaner for longer which will help prevent smudging. When repeating a stencil over furniture or walls, be sure to wipe off excess paints as you go to avoid smudging when moving stencil around.


How To Use Stencils


Ensure the base paint is throughly dry


Masking Tape your stencil in place


Decant Chalk Paint onto another surface such as a small plate or tub


Roll or stipple with either Sponge Roller or Stencil Brush. Remove excess before applying over the stencil dab off or roll out a couple of times onto another surface such as cardboard or paper towel.


The less Paint you have on your roller / brush the crisper your design will be


Allow to dry and repeat before moving the stencil if you want more depth and coverage


Carefully lift stencil once the design is touch dry, line up your stencil overlapping the last application slightly to help with lining the repeat pattern. And repeat application


Apply Wax or Lacquer once completely dry protect your design


Pro Tip - Sometimes, after applying stencils, use a small detail brush and go in with other paint colours to pick out elements of the design. It immediately makes the stencils look more alive and gives depth to the piece.

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