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Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Clear Lacquer

Annie Sloan Clear Lacquer

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Annie Sloan Lacquer, a hard wearing water based poly acrylic varnish with built in UV protection. User over Chalk Paint for a most finish that will withstand general wear and tear. For example great for dining tables, outdoor furniture and floors.

Chalk Paint™  Lacquer goes on perfectly clear and dries quickly without yellowing over time.

Chalk Paint Lacquer™ available in Matt and Gloss. 750ml the 

Matt Lacquer provides a matt finish and may slightly lighten the colour of the Chalk Paint™ due to the matting agents in the Lacquer.

Gloss Lacquer gives a light sheen, but is not ultra glossy and may slightly darker the colour of Chalk Paint™ similarly to Chalk Paint™ Wax


One 750ml tin will cover 19 square metres (204ft ²).

Touch dry in 30 minutes

Re coat in 1-2 hours depending on humidity and drying conditions

Curing time upto 14 days  

How To Apply Annie Sloan Lacquer for Chalk Paint™

We recommend applying Lacquer with Annie Sloan's Smooth Flat Brushes or Sponge Roller 

  • Ensure the surface is clean dry and dust free before applying
  • Do not apply over a waxed surface

  • Always test an area before you being over the painted surface as results can very depending on the substrate, prep and how you applied Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
  • Stir well before using and regularly during use

  • Apply with a high quality smooth soft brush or sponge foam roller

  • Dilute the first coat by 10% when using over Chalk Paint, this will help create an even base coat ready to take the 2nd not diluted coat

  • Don't over brush or over roll the lacquer during application, lay down lay off quickly and evening and allow to dry

  • Apply Sparingly over dark colours to avoid clouding or use Annie Sloan Wax over dark colours

  • Sand between coats for an extra smooth finish

  • Aftercare:  Clean with a damp cloth using mild soapy water. Avoid regular use of chemical cleaners, avoid exposure heat and steam 

  • Apply 1-2 coats allowing 2 hours or more between coats

  • Leave to dry overnight before using

For Further and more detailed tips and techniques to help you get started, check our Chalk Paint™ Lacquer Fact Sheet. Includes additional information about bleed through and faux finish techniques. 

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