How To Use Autentico Rough Rock Creative Powder

How To Use Autentico Rough Rock Creative Powder

Autentico ROUGH ROCK is part of their creative range which can be used with their paints to get special effect, as in this case the effect is to look like rock or rough concrete, it is ideal for transforming, lamp bases, vases, candle sticks plant pots and even walls, indoor and outdoor there nothing you cannot transform.

It consists of a powder that when mixed with Autentico Vintage creates stunning faux stone finishes.

How to apply it?

Ensure the surface is clean , dry, stable and free from dirt, grease and loose materials, give it a slight sand so the paint can adhere to the surface and wipe the surface to remove dust.

Paint the surface with Autentico Vintage paint, this can be the same colour or the opposite tone to the the colour used in the next step. Leave to dry.

Next step is to mix  one part ROUGH ROCK to one part Autentico Vintage, it will thicken up, you can add water to your mixture if it is to thick. Paint the mixture on to the surface in a stippling, dabbing effect and let dry. You can brush off any loose bits and  sand the high peaks if you think it is too rough or needing a smoother finish , it is touch dry in 1-2 hours depending on temperature but cures properly in 24 hours and that is when you get the full effect. Use you imagination to get to create cool patches of different colours. This product is great to use to create a stone effect prior to application of other techniques.

Clean your utensils in warm soapy water, but do not pour into drains.






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