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Rare Round Art Deco Style Black Display Cocktail Cabinet

Rare Round Art Deco Style Black Display Cocktail Cabinet

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Add some curves to your home with this beautifully round cabinet
Also known as “Art Moderne”, the main characteristics of Art Deco are clean lines, symmetrical designs, and eye-catching shapes.
And this striking Art Deco drinks cabinet is a fantastic example of why these pieces are still so sought after in the modern era.
It is so reminiscent of the heady days of flapper girls, speakeasy’s, prohibition, and cocktails, especially those that were specifically mixed to look like innocent fruit juices and iced teas but were anything but.
These were often made from gin distilled by Bootleggers in bottles that were so tall they couldn’t be topped off under a sink tap, and so they used the bath taps, (hence the term “bathtub gin”).
This cabinet has 2 brand new glass shelves, which are removable, and therefore ideal for taller bottles, cocktail shakers, glassware, and all your mixology essentials.
Painted inside and out with a bold and daring Satin black, it is beautifully balanced by the deep luxurious design called Magenta Ripple by Liberty James Studio on the interior back.
But to label this cocktail cabinet as merely a “cocktail cabinet”, would be doing it a disservice. It would also work beautifully as a display cabinet, and look amazing standing on a landing, in a study or dining room.
Wherever you place this piece, you will have a keepsake from a bygone era, when jazz was king, the Charleston was the dance to know, and all the ladies swooned over Rudolf Valentino.
• Art Deco Cocktail Style cabinet
• Display cabinet Black cocktail cabinet
• Vintage cocktail cabinet
• Upcycled = eco-friendly and sustainable
• Dimensions cm: Height 129, Depth 30, Width 120


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