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What is Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a term used for paint with chalk as an important ingredient.
Together with resins and natural pigments chalk is the filler, resulting in a odour free Matt finish Paint which adheres to and covers almost any surface.
This is why it has been used for hundreds of years.

Autentico have taken this traditional recipe with modern techniques have created a high quality paint with the highest levels of chalk is low in VOC and are completely child safe with more than 150 colours.
Due to its porous structure it is not only great for your walls but is perfect to use with decorative techniques to add age or patinas, which they also sell such as Gilding leaf, decoupage adhesive, art medium for printed image, embossing paste, powders to mix with paint to imitate rust and rock ideal for plant pots, lamp based vases etc.
Autentico Metallico Paint Colours

Autentico also create different paints such as Lime paint, washable paints for bathrooms, masonry paint.

Autentico is a one shop stop for everything.